Back from camp Thinking about Mynamar

Last week I was on a camp, Berghem.. Very beautifull and funny! We took a bath in the big cold lake and played Brännboll.

Najaj,, Right now: Meeting at the municipalhouse in Munkedal. We have been told about the society and about the elections. " But wait a minut! Thist can not be correct, not according to the european law..." I said. "hmm.. Yes you have a point, and I think we will have to check this up".

Naja...  Right now my intresst is all about the big katastrophy in Mynamar "Burma". And since I have been on the border I Rely want to do something about the situation, to get people aweare about the contry and the terrible regim in Mynamar. "All eyes on Mynamar" The country needs it!

"Hello, Enna how are you? Sabaii dii mai? Tam araj?" I was talking to my hostfamily in Khubua right now. Well I miss them very much.

Paj leaw... Bussi bye bye

Bild:2007 Myanmar protests 11.jpg


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